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Applying for loans online:

The process of applying for loans had changed over the years. It has become flexible, convenient and easy. Many reasons have been attributes to this. The primary reason being the demographic stratification of Indian society. Indian society is changing and, consequently gender roles are overlapping. Today, more women i.e. both professional and housewives are applying for loans online. All loan information is available to them online and they do not have to physically travel to collect information. All research and comparison can now be done from the comfort of your house. This has been a crucial factor as studies show that in more than 97.6% of households across rural and urban India, women are the official accountants and auditors of household expenses, purchases, debts and income. Men, in contrast, often are remotely aware of their own household financial situation. Online loans are taking advantage of this and making loan information accessible to the household decision maker. All this has simplified the process of online application status inquiry and online loan status enquiry.

Internet Access:

The advent of Internet has made it easier for women to obtain loan information of various organizations. It has also enabled them to engage in online application status inquiry. Women now have the freedom and power to choose the loan company suitable to them and create their online account. Online application can only be downloaded and filled once you have developed your own login id and password. Personal login is and password enables you to access the website of the loan institution and attain customer service help. You also have the option of initiating email contact and downloading the application forms. Here, you have a choice - you can download the forms to fill them in by hand or, you can open a new window on your desktop and fill the forms online. Once filled you can electronically submit them. You can then visit the site again for an online application status inquiry.

Online loan status enquiry:

Online application status inquiry usually takes up to a week or more. Once your application is approved, online contact is initiated by the customer service cell. It usually happens that online loan applications often end up in a 'waiting time zone' where your loan application has been approved but you have no idea as to your actual loan situation. An online loan status enquiry form has been developed to deal with such cases.

Types of online loans:

In India, home loans are highly popular online. People find it much easier and affordable to apply for home loans online. Education loans and medical expenses loans are also making headway. The only caveat is that the online loan application has to be complete. Some private banks even disqualify you as a potential loan applicant if the application happens to be incomplete. Public banks stall your application and make you wait for months before even letting you the exact problem. This is a lengthy process and usually requires you to pay a charge. In such cases, it is important for an online loan status enquiry to be done.

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Thank you for creating a one stop shop for all home loan needs. I've been searching google for all this information and your website answered most of my questions.
-Naveen Varma

Thank you for creating a one stop shop for all home loan needs. I've been searching google for all this information and your website answered most of my questions.
- Ananya S

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