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In India, home loans are provided by various Banks and Housing Finance Companies. Once you begin your search for a home loan you will realize that there are numerous banks and such companies in the fray, who will give you various home loan options. All banks that operate in India, offer home loan facility and therefore you have a number choices when it comes to banks.
Herein, we offer you a list of a few Banks, Housing Finance Companies and their Home Loans.

1. Home Loans from Bank of India

The 'STAR' Home Loans from the Bank of India are offered for the purchase or construction of independent homes or flats. The Bank also offers Home Loans for the purposes of renovation, alteration, expansion, and even repair of the house, flat or its furnishing. There is also an option wherein, you can take over the Home Loan of customers; that have been extended by various other Financial Institutions, NBFC's or Banks.

2. Standard Home Loans from Citibank

The eligibility parameters for a Citibank Home Loan are that you must be over 23 years of age and have an annual income of over Rs 1 lakh. These are just two of the eligibility conditions and there are many more.

3. The Dena Niwas Housing Finance Scheme From Dena Bank

Like many other home loans in the market this one will also help you, not only purchase a home or a flat but also, help you renovate it or add an extension to your house. One of the interesting features of this loan is that it will also enable you to buy a house that is up to 25 years old. The home loan can also be used for repairing an existing home and includes the cost of various fixtures, furnishing, POP works, and retiling amongst various others.

4. Home Loans from HSBC

HSBC is a private sector bank and offers Home Loans that range from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 3 Crores.

5. Housing Loan from Punjab National Bank

Another bank that offers housing loans for the purpose of purchase, repair, renovation, and extension of home, flat or property! Its loans, like those of most other banks, are configured for convenience and flexibility.

6. Home Loans from State Bank of India

The State Bank of India is the largest bank in the country and is a nationalized bank. It offers simple financing solutions when it comes to home loans and quite a number of people opt for State Bank of India Home Loans.

7. Home Loans From the Standard Chartered Bank

Another private bank that offers home loans! It offers all kinds of home loan options that are geared to suit a variety of budgets.

Note: All 'Figures' and 'Home Loans' mentioned above are liable to change

Housing Finance Companies

1. Bank of Baroda Housing Finance Ltd.

This company offers home loans for the purposes of buying homes from Statutory Bodies like the various housing boards like HUDCO, CIDCO, and DDA etc.

2. IND Bank Housing LTD.

A maximum of Rs. 25 Lakhs is offered by this housing finance company to buy a house. It also offers a maximum of Rs. 5 Lakhs for the purposes of home renovation or repair. There is also a minimum Quantum of loan.

3. PNB Housing Finance

This Housing Finance Company offers home loans not only for the purchase of house/flat but also for the acquisition and construction of homes or flats from various housing development authorities or boards like the PUDA, RHB, DDA, and HUDA amongst various others.

4. HUDCO Niwas

Another housing finance company that offers home loans is the Housing Urban Development Corporation or the HUDCO. It offers a housing finance instrument called the 'Niwas' and offers home loans that can be used for construction or buying a house or a flat.
......And many more Banks and Housing Finance Companies
This is just a small list of the numerous sources that one can get a home loan from. There are many other banks and housing finance companies that are offering this service.

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